I do what I do because I want to work together with you to plan and design a thoughtfully curated wedding day so you can focus on all of the other things you have going on in your life. As women, we are so busy. And it never seems like there is enough time in the day to get it all done. Add on planning a wedding to that mix? There’s definitely not enough time in a day for us to do it alone, right?

While being a school teacher, I worked in the wedding industry in several different ways: caterer, photographer assistant, bridal consultant, banquet events staff, assistant planner, and editorialist. Long story short - I saw the same problem in every job: brides were stressed. They didn’t have someone they could trust, someone who was not only an expert in this field but who also felt like a genuine friend, to help them through this whole wedding planning process. They couldn’t enjoy the months of planning, designing, decision-making… and they definitely didn’t find time to celebrate.

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Hey there!

My name is Shannon. I grew up in Atlanta, and was raised on The Babysitters Club , ballet, Friday night football, and Sundays with my family.

At the age of 17, I knew I wanted to plan weddings. I wanted to help women design and plan beautiful and unforgettable moments that they would hold dear for the rest of their lives. It took awhile to venture into this on my own (after gaining tons of experience in almost every other facet of this ginormous industry), but I did it. And now I run this company with a small team of powerful women who have the same values that I do.

My mission as a planner, designer, and director is to curate a relaxed and fun planning process for those looking for peace of mind and a memorable experience.

I believe in grace and living a grace-filled life. I believe in Jesus who is big enough to redeem anyone or anything from the bottom of a pit.

My day begins with a cup of coffee and a few minutes away from the clock, working out and reading. From then on out, I'm a busy woman + event designer + boss lady combo. It's the simplest things in my life that make the biggest impressions to me. And that philosophy follows me through each day, whether I’m working out, meeting with a client, mulling over idea boards, reading, planning meals, orchestrating details, or licking 250 envelopes for a Bespoken Bride’s invitation suite. Keeping things simple and streamlined means you have more room for the good stuff in life.

So glad you’re here,



  • What's your motto?  Grit and grace.
  • Favorite flower? Cafe Dahlias and Peonies
  • Favorite real-life heroes? Joanna Gaines, Emily Ley, Jane Johnson, Jennifer Aniston

Shannon Royal Wedding Planner in South Carolina


Pursue excellence

Cultivate community

Be graceful

Have integrity

Always learn


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Bespoken South Carolina Wedding Planner
Bespoken South Carolina Wedding Planner
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Bespoken North Carolina Wedding Planner
Bespoken North Carolina Wedding Planner