33 Things You May Not Know About Me

Well...it's my birthday today! I'm usually not one to go around and shout about my birthday. I keep it pretty quiet, but am always blown away by the kindness and love people give me every year. So...in honor of my 33rd (whoa.) birthday, I decided to share 33 fun facts you may not know about me...I'd love to hear what makes you unique, too! 

  1. I've lost count of the number of nicknames I've been given. Shan. Sha-nay-nay. Shay. Shandwich. Shan Shan. I'll answer to any of them.
  2. I was born in North Carolina and moved to Atlanta as a child. I stayed in Atlanta through college.
  3. I LOVE being out in the sun. LOVE it.
  4. I have a little brother who's super smart and super helpful. He married a great gal, and they have two of the best little girls in the world.
  5. My first job in high school (other than babysitting) was working at a local hair salon as the receptionist/shampoo girl. I later started learning how to color and highlight hair. 
  6. I planned my first wedding when I was 19 years old! Looking back at that, I'm so forever grateful they gave me that opportunity.
  7. I played the piano and danced (ballet, jazz, competition) growing up.
  8. I went to college for Education and have taught middle and high school English, as well as middle school Social Studies.
  9. I love Game Nights with friends. We like to play Catan, Ticket to Ride, and card games.
  10. Lately I just haven't cared if my socks don't match. No one sees them anyway :)
  11. I love having music playing in the background while I'm working or doing house chores. Lately I've had the Ray LaMontagne Pandora station playing, but I also love the Huey Lewis & the News station...haha...seriously, though...it's great. At least for those of us who grew up during that time period.
  12. I cannot whistle. At all.
  13. I also cannot dive. Don't try to teach me; 5 people have tried to no avail LOL.
  14. Don't ask me what my favorite book or favorite movie are. I cannot choose.
  15. As a kid, I had the entire Babysitter's Club collection. And I read every single book like it was my job.
  16. Same with Nancy Drew.
  17. My house is decorated in blues, grays, and neutrals.
  18. I'm allergic to dogs.
  19. I have two cats.
  20. I am forever grateful to Jane Johnson and her How to Study Scripture method.
  21. My favorite two candle scents are:  Rewined Champagne and Capri Blue Volcano.
  22. I almost moved to Costa Rica.
  23. I broke my arm on my dad's birthday when I was in 4th grade. I was so excited for his surprise birthday party that I ran home from school, slipped and fell down a hill...then a small "cliff"...and hit a tree. [insert eye roll]
  24. I wish I were a mermaid.
  25. I've lived in NC, SC, GA, and FL.
  26. I used to say I would NEVER live in SC or FL.
  27. The oddest gift I ever received was a vidalia onion. It was from a student. She said she wanted to give me something that reminded me of home (Georgia). It was actually very thoughtful.
  28. There are many days I miss living at the beach. One day I'd like to live at the beach again...just not sure which one!
  29. I've swam with dolphins, and it was amazing...one of the best experiences of my life so far.
  30. I've traveled to Mexico, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, and parts of the Caribbean. I plan on getting to Greece next summer.
  31. I think my parents are the best parents in the world.
  32. I can say the alphabet backwards relatively fast.
  33. I've enjoyed my 30s (so far) more than I enjoyed my 20s. And I've heard multiple people say that...so hopefully that's some encouragement for those of you navigating your 20s!

xoxo, Shannon