{Bespoken Bride} Meet Amanda


We're so excited to introduce you to Amanda and Dan today! They are the sweetest couple, and will be our first wedding of the Fall season later this year!

How did you two meet? How long have you known each other? Dan and I met 4 years ago through his sister, Ali, who was a co-worker of mine. Dan came into the PT clinic where we worked after spraining his ankle celebrating NYE a little too hard in Baltimore.

Where do you guys like to go on your dates? We honestly spend most of our nights in cooking together. Occasionally we get out and try new restaurants around Greenville.

What is your favorite restaurant or type of food?  Tacos are the food we crave most

Complete this sentence: We go together like ______. Amanda's answer: wine & cheese | Dan's answer: beer & wings


When did you know he was "the one"? Did he know before you knew?  I don't think there was an exact moment for either of us. We both just realized we couldn't imagine doing life without each other.

How did he propose? Were you surprised?  Dan proposed while we were hiking on a camping trip in North Carolina. Going into the weekend I had no idea that he was planning to propose. I became suspicious after the third time he asked me to climb down by a waterfall (I had already slipped and cut open my shin climbing up some rocks not long ago).

When and where are you two getting married? What made you decide to get married here?  We are getting married at Avenue on Sept 1st, 2018. We were drawn to the venue by it's pretty view of Greenville's downtown city scape and outdoor space for the ceremony.

What colors are you using for your wedding?  The groomsmen will be wearing light grey suits with purple bowties. The bridesmaids will be wearing stormy grey dresses.

Describe your wedding in 3 words. Best. Day. Ever.

How would you describe the style of your wedding? Simple, modern, natural

What are your top 3 must-haves for your wedding?  Family and friends, Good food, Dance Party

What is your favorite wedding blog or magazine? The only magazine I've read is the one Shannon sent me :)

What have you loved most about planning your wedding? Event planning is not exactly my cup of tea. I was not one of those girls in the movies who grew up envisioning what her wedding day would look like. I have probably enjoyed looking into honeymoon destinations most of all!

Are you guys going on a honeymoon? Why did you choose this location? What are you going to do? We are going to wait until early 2019 to honeymoon so that we can spend some time in the week after the wedding with our extended family who will be traveling from across the country to join us for our big day. We haven't decided on a location yet, but we are planning to do some scuba diving in the Caribbean.

What are you most excited about in your marriage? Getting a chance to see the world together. Dan and I both enjoy traveling and are excited about the opportunity to live overseas through Dan's work in the future.

If you could give any future bride one piece of advice, what would you tell her? Don't stress too much about the little details. Who really remembers what the table linens looked like at the last wedding they were at, anyways?