Bespoken Bride: Meet Kristyn

Kristyn contacted me about planning her wedding a few months ago. Since she lives in Charlotte, we spent some time chatting on the phone about her and Jon, their wedding, and what she is looking for in a wedding planner. They're getting married this winter, and the thought of planning and coordinating a wedding at The Cliffs at Glassy in December sounded like a dream. Kristyn and I had a great conversation, and I've enjoyed helping her with her wedding. I can't wait for their big day; it's going to be beautiful. But for now...I'd like to introduce you to Kristyn :)

Your love's name: Jonathan

How did you two meet? How long have you known each other? Jon and I met in 2014. He was a drummer, and I was a worship leader at a church in Charlotte, N.C.

Where do guys like to go on your dates? We love going on "day dates." Even on our first date, we met around 11 in the morning, went to the Common Market in Charlotte, and just figured out where we wanted to go next as we went. Breweries are always a favorite with fun outdoor games or anywhere we can bring our Frenchie, Ruby!

What is your favorite restaurant or type of food? This is a toughie... honestly, any place with an amazing, local cheese plate!

We go together like _______. Jim and Pam. #TheOffice

When did you know he was "the one"? Did he know before you knew? I knew he was the one when I saw how he loves others like Jesus does, and when I realized If I could be more like anyone, I'd be more like him. His heart is so big and his spirit is so selfless. 

I think we knew at the same time, but of course I let him say it first. :)

How did he propose? Were you surprised? Last year, I REALLY wanted to have professional photos taken for our Christmas card. So, I had a friend lined up to take the photos and Jon reached out to him to coordinate our proposal (which I didn't know!). 

We drove up to Craggy Gardens near Asheville, and it was absolutely beautiful. We were taking photos, and some snow was falling... and then... out of nowhere... I nearly fainted from the thin air!

With the ring in tow, we drove back down the mountain and ended up on the side of the Blue Ridge Parkway. After keeping the surprise for about 2 hours, he hit one knee with the beautiful mountains as a backdrop. I was definitely surprised!

When and where are you two getting married? What made you decide to get married here? We are getting married on December 16 at the Glassy Mountain Chapel. I always knew I wanted to get married in a little chapel, and the backdrop to this church was so beautiful. I knew I had found the perfect place.

What colors are you using for your wedding? I am using burgundy, blushes, and eucalyptus greens.

Describe your wedding in three words. Romantic, classic and intimate.

How would you describe the style of your wedding? I would describe our wedding as timeless and romantic, with a touch of rustic.

What are your top 3 must-haves for your wedding? I knew I had to have a long-sleeve gown, gorgeous flowers and there's one surprise at the end that not even Jon knows about. Stay tuned. :)

What is your favorite wedding blog or magazine?: Ruffled Blog

What have you loved most about planning your wedding? I love how it has brought our families together.

Are you guys going on a honeymoon? Where? Why did you choose this location? What are you going to do? We have planned our honeymoon in Cancun at the Beloved Playa Mujeres by Excellence. Our must-have was amazing food, and they had some awesome reviews!

What are you most excited about in your marriage? I am most excited about how we will continue to grow and pursue God together. I can't wait to see how the Lord uses our marriage to influence and support others.

If you could give any future bride one piece of advice, what would you tell her? My one piece of advice would be, once you've found something you love don't keep looking! Whether it's the dress, invitations, cake, etc., don't second guess yourself. It's your big day, and if you love it, that's all that matters.