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Bird Dog Bay Custom Bow Ties for Weddings | Bespoken

While the bride typically does most of the planning and making decisions in the wedding, it's not completely and solely about her :) The groom plays a big part, and we love it when a groom has custom and unique accessories to make himself stand out. Bird Dog Bay, a Chicago-based men's accessories and apparel company, provides a variety of items to help grooms and groomsmen express their own personality and style in the wedding.

Bird Dog Bay creates unique patterns for ties, bow ties, socks, cufflinks, pocket squares, and more. The founder, Steve Mayer, remains the sole illustrator and designer for all of their products...and he still hand draws every single pattern. His dog, Gus, inspired their logo and many of their designs.

Bird Dog Bay Custom Wedding Ties | Bespoken

You can choose any of their printed or woven silk patterns, or they can work with you to create a customized logo box that would appear on the tail of your tie. You can add your name, initials, wedding date, location, or anything else that will remind you of your wedding day. You can also get matching cufflinks (great groomsmen gift!).

Bird Dog Bay Custom Wedding Bow Ties | Bespoken
Bird Dog Bay Custom Wedding Ties | Bespoken

Some of my favorite patterns are their Sheffield Stripe, On Air Stripe, Summer Wind, and Bulldog Bonanza. See more patterns here.

Definitely check them out!! Their items would make great gifts, would look great in photos, and would be perfect keepsakes.

How to Choose Your Wedding Party

How to Choose Your Wedding Party | Photo by Angela Cox | Bespoken www.bespokenweddings.com

Choosing your wedding party is very important to most brides and grooms because you want some of the most important people in your life standing next to you on your big day. Most wedding parties consist of 8-12 people but can have more or less depending on the style, type, and size of the wedding. Stuck on trying to figure out who to invite to stand next to you at the altar? Hopefully, I can help you narrow your options down.

How to Choose Your Wedding Party | Photo by Angela Cox | Bespoken www.bespokenweddings.com

The Maid of Honor: Typically, this is the bride’s sister. If a bride has more than one sister, she usually invites the one closest in age to be the MOH. (If you’re lucky and have two sisters and one is married, you can have a Maid of Honor and a Matron of Honor!) No sister? Ask your best friend. Two best friends? Who says you can’t have two maids of honor? Some brides have even chosen their brother or close male friend to be their maid of honor, and have just given them more of a masculine role. Today’s wedding rules are not what they were yesterday; you can get away with quite a bit. No matter what - choose someone you can trust and rely on. The MOH has many responsibilities, so if your best friend is a little scatter-brained, you may want to consider someone else.

The Best Man: This is basically the same as above. Traditionally, the groom asks his brother(s) to be the best man; however, a close female friend, sister, or any other good friend may be your best man. Consider your dad, too! BONUS TIP: Pick someone who gets along with the bride!

How to Choose Your Wedding Party | Photo by Angela Cox | Bespoken www.bespokenweddings.com

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen: Ask close friends to join you on your big day. Siblings trump friends! If your groom has a sister (or bride has a brother), consider adding them to your bridal party. And remember to choose friends who will be friends with you long after you say, ”I do.” DON’T ask someone to be in your wedding just because you were in hers/his.

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer: While not every bride and groom opt to have a little one walk down the aisle, many who are close to small children definitely choose to include them in their wedding. BONUS TIP: Since children aren’t expected to act like adults, try to make sure your flower girl and ring bearer are at least four years old.

Still frustrated? Keep it simple: Choose friends who you consider to be family.

All images:  Angela Cox. Take a look at the rest of this gorgeous wedding here.