Holiday Decorating Tips

As you start making your Thanksgiving week preparations, you may also be thinking about decorating for Christmas and the rest of the holiday season. I’m more of a minimalist when it comes to holiday decorating. In case you don’t already know, I think there is beauty in simplicity. So if you’re stuck or just need some tips on how to decorate your home for the holidays, and if you’re looking to make things simple but beautiful…read on. I’ve also added some inspiration photos for you to help you visualize everything.

Holiday Decorating Tips

TIP #1: Choose 3 vignettes or spaces.

Choose 3 places in (or outside) of your home to focus on for decorating for the holidays. There’s no need to focus on your entire house, and unless you have an unlimited budget, I wouldn’t suggest decorating your entire house. Some options might be your mantel, your front door, your dining room, your kitchen, your foyer, your Christmas tree, or your power room. This year, I am only focusing on the foyer, the front door, and our Christmas tree.

Image via  Studio McGee

Image via Studio McGee

Image via  Food52

Image via Food52

Image via  The Lux Pad

Image via The Lux Pad

TIP #2: Choose a color scheme.

To help minimize frivolous purchases, choose one color scheme and stick with it for all 3 of your spaces. If you’re a lover of neutrals, you may want to consider black, white, and creams… or whites, creams, and ivories. If you’re a lover of tradition, you may want to consider reds and greens. If you want to go a bit more modern, try blue and silver. This year, I am using a lot of neutrals.

Image via  Liz Marie Blog

Image via Liz Marie Blog

Image via  Blesser House

Image via Blesser House

TIP #3: Appeal to the senses.

Add some texture to your decor through faux fur throws and cable knit pillow covers. Light some holiday-scented candles throughout the house or put a pot of Christmas potpourri on the stove. When guests come over, play some holiday music quietly in the background, and bake some cookies or have hot chocolate on hand. Appealing to the sense will bring a cozy and inviting atmosphere into your home. Right now, I have a faux fur throw and a faux fur pillow on our living room sofas, and I have a couple of holiday candles from Bath & Body Works throughout our downstairs.

Image via  Soft Surroundings
Image via  Front Gate

Image via Front Gate

TIP #4: Use greenery to your advantage.

Greenery can really transform a space, and this time of year, I love to see evergreens like pine and cedar, as well as magnolia leaves. You could lay a cedar garland on your mantel or drape one over your stairwell in your foyer. Adding two potted boxwoods on either side of your front door would also add a touch of holiday greenery. I draped a garland from Hearth & Hand on our stairwell in our foyer, and tied it up with ivory satin ribbon. And I will soon find an outdoor wreath for our front door.

Image via  Studio McGee

Image via Studio McGee

TIP #5: Hang some holiday artwork.

By just taking down a piece of artwork and replacing it with a holiday-themed piece, you are automatically adding some holiday cheer to your home. Two of my favorite places to find artwork are the Art Bar from Lindsay Letters and Minted.

There you have it! What are some of your best holiday decorating tips?

Holiday Decorating Tips