How to Make Sure You Have Time Alone During Your Wedding

I meet so many brides who tell me that they keep hearing from their friends who've gotten married that they won't have much time to spend with their groom. That they won't have much time to take a step back, breathe, and just enjoy a moment together...relishing in the fact that they just got married.

A wedding is meant to celebrate the marriage of two people, and yet weddings can be all sorts of emotions. Intense...exciting...overwhelming...emotional. It can go by in a blur, so fast that you look back at the end of the night, and think, "Did I even really get to see my new husband/wife?"

So how do two people who just want to soak it all in for a moment find a way to sneak off?

Here are 5 ideas and ways for you to make sure you have time alone during your wedding:

  1. Head to a separate room (or rooftop like Ryan & Jenny did).
  2. Do a First Look.
  3. Sneak away in a private room to sign your marriage license after the ceremony.
  4. If your wedding is at two separate venues, book a car for two, and take a ride around town before heading to the Reception.
  5. Eat dinner at a sweetheart table.

Be intentional about setting some time aside to spend with your new husband, even if it's just for 5-10 minutes. This day is about you. Your guests will be fine. I just don't recommend being gone for more than 20-30 minutes :)