How to Make Your Marriage a Priority

Photo by  Kayla Coleman  as seen on  Pop Sugar

Photo by Kayla Coleman as seen on Pop Sugar

I love planning weddings. I love seeing something that we worked so hard for and were so carefully detailed about come together seamlessly in a beautiful way. I also love seeing two people work hard for their marriage in intentional ways. And that matters even more than the type of flowers that will build your bouquet. It's more important than which type of cake flavor you will have in your wedding cake. 

So today, I'm summing up 7 tips from Rachel May in an article that was originally featured on The Rising Tide Society on making your marriage a priority

  1. Disconnect. So important. Put your phone down. Turn the laptop off. 
  2. Know your fiance or spouse's love language. Read the book, and/or take the online quiz. It's quite eye-opening.
  3. Communicate. Be honest with each other. Even if it means you need to ask him for 15 minutes of alone-time each day after work to decompress.
  4. Never go to bed angry. Talk it out.
  5. Boundaries. One example: Stop working when office hours are over. That way you can spend quality time with each other.
  6. Give yourself some grace. No one is perfect.
  7. Never stop dating one another. Date nights once a week, no exceptions.

Read the rest of the original article's fantastic.