How to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

If you're engaged and either in the midst of planning your wedding or about to start planning your wedding, chances are you've been scrolling through Pinterest, flipping through pages in wedding magazines, and clicking around on wedding blogs. You've probably noticed that you see a lot of different trends, and at the same time, a lot of similarities between all of these weddings. Trying to find ways to make your wedding stand out, while remaining true to you , can sometimes be tricky and daunting.

It can be difficult to hone in and create a cohesive design aesthetic while sticking to your budget, navigating the millions of inspiration photos out there, and trying to manage the opinions of others. One of the things we're told by many of our clients is how we do such a good job making each wedding unique to the couple, their style, their personality, and their love story. We consider it an incredible honor to receive these compliments because we try so hard to create and design chic, elegant, and unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime events. So today we are sharing a few ways you can make your wedding unique and innovative while remaining true to your personality and interests.

How to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Work with what you have. Don't fight it.

Your design will really be dependent on your venue. Don't try to force something in your venue when it really won't work. For example, if your venue has some awful permanently-installed sign that is the complete opposite of your wedding design, find a way to work with it. Maybe you can cover it in greenery and flowers or hang draping over it. Or perhaps you can find a really cool piece of furniture to place in front of it. Maybe you're getting married in a hotel that has not-so-ideal carpeting. Instead of trying to work against it, work with it. Find colors within the carpet that you can tie to your color palette, and use this to your advantage.

Don't forget your guests.

As you plan your wedding, put yourself in the shoes of one of your guests. Walk through the wedding day through their eyes. Are there any moments or situations where they might be uncomfortable? Are the bathrooms too far away from the elderly? Are the band's speakers too close to guest dinner tables where they can't also enjoy conversation? Is it a really hot summer day? If so, maybe consider having ice water available during the Ceremony. Is it an outdoor wedding, and if so, could bugs be a problem? Consider placing a basket of bug spray nearby. Keep in mind the comfort of your guests.

Collaborate with your planner and designer.

Investing in reputable and talented vendors is so important. Your planner, designer, and floral designer are likely very creative, so work with them. Show them your favorite Pinterest images, and let them create a beautiful design board that speaks to you. Allow them to suggest unique color palettes, rentals, and specialty linens. They see a lot of weddings, so they'll be able to create a unique experience for you if you let them.

Less is sometimes more.

We are big believers that less is sometimes more. There is beauty in simplicity. Don't add a lot of stuff just to try to be different. Perhaps you two love music, but you don't really want to use traditional/classical music during the prelude of your Ceremony. Then use the instrumental versions of your favorite songs. Or maybe you don't really care about a bouquet or garter don't do them! Your guests don't want to sit through extraneous stuff anyway. Maybe you want your wedding party to go enjoy the Cocktail Hour rather than waiting around on a Grand Entrance. No one says you have to have a Grand Entrance! Let your wedding party enjoy themselves, and only have the emcee introduce you and your new husband. There are many ways you can keep things simple while remaining timeless.

Your wedding is about you and your fiance. It's not about the millions of ideas you see everywhere, and it's not about anyone else.

You will hear a million different opinions from many different people. They'll tell you what they think you should do and how they think you should do it. They will say things that will make it seem like it's their wedding, not yours, and they'll make comments that make you think, "Wait...this wedding isn't about you. It's about me and my fiance." And you're right. At the end of the day, this is YOURS and YOUR FIANCE'S day and no one else's. So don't worry about the opinions of others. So many couples feel torn over appeasing their parents or friends, when in reality, this is a day to celebrate the two of you and your love for each other. Just because your mom's best friend's daughter had a late night snack doesn't mean you have to. Just because your matron of honor had a huge celebration doesn't mean yours has to be big. Whenever you find yourself stuck in the situation where you're having a hard time making a decision, pause and ask yourself, "Does this remind me of us? Does this keep things true to us ?"

If you need help with your wedding planning and/or design, let us know! We'd love to chat!

How to Make Your Wedding Stand Out