How to Plan Your Engagement Party

You're engaged, and one of the first things you should do is celebrate! If you really want to celebrate, then plan on having an engagement party. And if you're not sure where to start, then start by reading this :)

How to Plan Your Engagement Party | Bespoken Weddings & Events
  1. Decide who is going to host the party. You can totally be your own host! You're excited, and if you want to celebrate with your loved ones, then throw a party! It's also completely common for one set or both sets of parents to host the engagement party. 
  2. Decide on a date. I always recommend waiting at least one month after your engagement to hold the celebratory party. You need time to breathe and savor this time together. You can even plan the party for 4-5 months after the engagement! It's entirely up to you.
  3. Decide on a budget. There are expenses to any party or event, and even if you don't plan on spending much money on your engagement party, you need to have an idea of how much money you're working with so you can plan accordingly.
  4. Decide on a venue or location. It's very common to host an engagement party at someone's home or in a restaurant. If you're having a more upscale affair, you may want to consider a hotel or country club. Just be careful that you don't upstage your actual wedding :)
  5. Decide on a guest list. Any guest that you invite to your engagement party should also be invited to your wedding, which means you need to set your wedding guest list first. If you haven't set that yet, no worries. In this case, keep your engagement party guest list to family and close friends.
  6. Decide on invitations, and send them out. Unless you have a lot of guests coming from out of town, you can send your invitations one month out from the party. But still allow yourself time to have them printed, addressed, stamped, and mailed. If you're having a low-key, relaxed engagement party, it's completely acceptable to send an online invite.
  7. Decide on a menu. If you aren't serving a full-course meal, then time your engagement party for mid-morning, afternoon, or after dinner...anytime in between the traditional meals. My favorite ideas are a brunch engagement party with an omelet station and afternoon fiesta with a nacho bar and margaritas...or a post-dinner party with dessert and champagne. 
  8. Decide on decor. You don't need to go overboard here. You don't have to match your wedding colors or style, either. Our belief is there is beauty in simplicity, so think about using lots of greenery and working with a florist to incorporate a few arrangements. You can also add some candles for a romantic, soft vibe. If you want a little extra, rent pretty linens and some other personal decor items that have special meaning to you and your fiancé.
  9. Register for your gifts. People will want to bring you a gift to your engagement party, so make sure you've started your gift registry.
  10. Decide who is going to coordinate and direct everything on the day of your party. This should not be something you, your friends, your parents, or your family do. They all need to be able to relax and celebrate with you! Find a local coordinator who can help you out.

There are so many other ideas for your engagement party! Here is a list of our favorites:

  • Brunch Party
  • Mexican Fiesta
  • Oyster Roast
  • Backyard BBQ
  • Hawaiian Luau
  • Wine Tasting & Cheese Party

If you need help planning or coordinating your engagement party, reach out to us! We'd be happy to talk!

How to Plan Your Engagement Party | Bespoken Weddings & Events