Shannon's Wedding: It's Wedding Week!

A Wedding Planner's Own Wedding | Shannon Royal | Bespoken Weddings Wedding Planner South Carolina

And just like that... it's OUR WEDDING WEEK!!!

I don't think it's quite set in yet... Having thought about and planned this wedding for the past 5 months or so, it's so crazy that it's finally here! Last week I wrapped up Bespoken projects so I could press "pause" on them for now and emailed all of our amazing brides to remind them that we will be closed for the next couple of weeks. (Sidenote: These girls are AMAZING. They emailed me and not only sent wedding well wishes, but encouraged me to take even more time off... some even snail mailed a sweet card! #theluckiest) I'm taking the next couple of days to clean the house, pack for our Honeymoon, go to some last minute beauty appointments, and gather everything for our wedding on Saturday.

Since I have a lot to do, this post is short and quick!

You can follow along this week on my personal Instagram (@shannonroyal) for any wedding prep behind the scenes stuff... But I personally plan on turning my phone off on Saturday, so I can't guarantee any updates from my end (although, one of the girls from our team may log-on to post some stuff... stay tuned).

Oh! And keep in mind that we are completely closed until August 7! We will not be answering any emails, calls, or texts in the meantime. I'm giving the entire team the week off to rest and recharge for a busy fall season...they deserve it so much. We'll be back in August!! :) 

I will do some sort of post-wedding follow-up at some point... but in the meantime, if you're curious as to who we've hired for our wedding, here's the A-Team we're counting on:

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