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Workout Together

So last week, I introduced a challenge to you to grab your fiance (or husband) and get healthy together during the month of April. Have you started? Hopefully you have, but if you haven't started, today's post will give you several ideas on getting in shape together.

Make it a goal to go on an after-dinner walk 3-4 times a week. The days are longer, so why not eat dinner (healthy ideas coming for ya next week!), quickly clean the kitchen, and then go on a 30-45 minute walk together? It will not only encourage you to move rather than laying around on the couch, but it'll also give you guys some time to talk about your day.

Join a local gym. Find a good, local gym in your area. If you like going to classes, make sure to join one that has a variety of classes like spinning, yoga, bootcamp, kickboxing, etc. If you're into CrossFit, find a local CrossFit center. Having access to a gym is huge. You can do workouts together, whether on the cardio machines, lifting weights, or taking a class. If joining a gym isn't in the budget...

Workout together. There are plenty of couple's workouts you can do together. Just search "couples workouts" for some ideas. Or check out some of these:

Stay tuned for next week...healthy, clean cooking!

Top Image Credit:  The Fremont Health Club

A Month of Getting Healthy Together

A Month of Getting Healthy Together

April is a great month to get a fresh start on getting healthy. Most of the country has been experiencing cold winter months, so now that the weather is warming up, it's a great opportunity for you to start being active again and eating healthy. If you and your fiance commit to getting healthy together, not only will you be spending time together, but it gives you a chance to grow closer and be even better versions of yourself. Plus, the accountability is huge. And you'll be getting ready for summer and your upcoming honeymoon!

So for the month of April, I'm challenging you two to get healthy together. Find a local gym. Get outside. Be active. Learn to cook some healthy meals. And enjoy each other's company! I'll be checking in each week with some tips, so stay tuned!

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5 Spring Date Ideas

Since Spring is in full bloom, you may be looking for some date ideas to enjoy the beautiful weather together. I've rounded up some ideas for you and yours to try.

Go to the ballgame. Whether it's a professional game, college game, or high school game, there are so many different opportunities for you to enjoy cheering on your favorite team together. 

Have game night at a local coffee shop. Grab a couple of your favorite board games or a deck of cards, head over to a local coffee shop, sit at a table or couch together, and practice a little healthy competition over lattes.

Take a cooking class together. Too much pollen outside? Or too many April showers? Stay inside, and learn how to cook some seasonal dishes together. Or, if you're more of a baker, find a local baking class, and learn how to make a lemon merengue pie together.

Plant a garden together. Whether it's flowers or vegetables, this is always a great option that keeps giving. If you don't have a yard to plant anything in, consider a container garden. I've done this and have found great success with it! 

Go hiking. Be active, enjoy the outdoors, and be healthy. It's a winning situation. If you don't have good places to hike nearby, but are close to a body of water, see if there's somewhere you can go kayaking or paddle boarding together.

Need more date ideas?


How to Make Your Marriage a Priority

Photo by  Kayla Coleman  as seen on  Pop Sugar

Photo by Kayla Coleman as seen on Pop Sugar

I love planning weddings. I love seeing something that we worked so hard for and were so carefully detailed about come together seamlessly in a beautiful way. I also love seeing two people work hard for their marriage in intentional ways. And that matters even more than the type of flowers that will build your bouquet. It's more important than which type of cake flavor you will have in your wedding cake. 

So today, I'm summing up 7 tips from Rachel May in an article that was originally featured on The Rising Tide Society on making your marriage a priority

  1. Disconnect. So important. Put your phone down. Turn the laptop off. 
  2. Know your fiance or spouse's love language. Read the book, and/or take the online quiz. It's quite eye-opening.
  3. Communicate. Be honest with each other. Even if it means you need to ask him for 15 minutes of alone-time each day after work to decompress.
  4. Never go to bed angry. Talk it out.
  5. Boundaries. One example: Stop working when office hours are over. That way you can spend quality time with each other.
  6. Give yourself some grace. No one is perfect.
  7. Never stop dating one another. Date nights once a week, no exceptions.

Read the rest of the original article here...it's fantastic.

5 Fun Date Ideas to Try

5 Dating Ideas | Bespoken | Wedding Planning

One of the things Bespoken values is building the foundation of your marriage and continuing to build upon that after you say, "I do." And while wedding planning is fun and exciting, it can also be super stressful and time consuming. So I always advise Bespoken brides to be intentional during this time. Set aside at least one day each week to go on a date with your fiance...and there is to be no wedding talk on your date. At all. None. Zilch. And if you guys need some date ideas, read on.

Blanket fort as seen on  Loved by Laura

Blanket fort as seen on Loved by Laura

Indoor Glamping Date:  The weather is warming up a bit now, but if you live somewhere and it's still a bit chilly, you might want to consider an indoor glamping date. Glamping = glamorous + camping. Build an indoor fort. Make a s'mores dessert. Play a game. Watch a movie. And cuddle up. 

Mini Golf image via  Live Shop Travel

Mini Golf image via Live Shop Travel

Complete a triathlon:  Not the triathlon you're thinking of. This is a "triathlon" of events you enjoy doing. Maybe it means you go play pool, play foosball, and then eat pizza. Maybe it means you go skating, putt-putting, and eat ice cream. Or maybe it means you go out to eat, see a movie, and then go out for drinks. The options are endless. Just choose three.

Image via  Elite Daily

Image via Elite Daily

Plan a disposable day. Instead of snapping your photos on your phone and Snapchatting or Instagramming them, drop by your local drugstore and buy two disposable cameras. Then, go on your date. Throughout your date, each of you takes photos of whatever you'd like. Later that day or the next day, drop them off to be developed. And enjoy the surprise results :)

Image via  Philly Mag

Image via Philly Mag

Go to brunch. Who says dates are always at night? Go enjoy brunch together. Then maybe walk around a local park.

Take a brewery tour. There are many microbreweries and even a Sierra Nevada brewery nearby. You'll learn something new, and you'll likely get a complimentary beer or beer tasting. (We are in Greenville, SC. If you are elsewhere, just Google the closest microbrewery near you.)

Still stuck? Check out this amazing infographic from the Dating Divas (download it here --- it links to the date ideas!):

Date Night Ideas