Vendor Spotlight: Ryan & Alyssa Photography

I met Ryan & Alyssa right after I first started Bespoken. Alyssa reached out to me on Instagram, I met them for a cup of coffee in downtown Greenville, and started to get to know this sweet couple as people and as photographers. Since then, we've done a styled shoot together, completed weddings together, and became good friends. We also have some upcoming weddings together this year. I love what they stand for, I love their work, and I love their constant intentionality on building relationships with people. So in order to introduce you to them, I asked if they'd mind answering a few questions so you can get to know them better...

Ryan & Alyssa Photography in Greenville, SC | Wedding Photographers | Bespoken Weddings & Events

What is your area of expertise? We specialize in creating joyful, romantic, heirloom images for couples in love!

What led you to the wedding industry? Honestly, we were asked! Alyssa started off in sports photography, but then a friend asked her to photograph her wedding. Though terrified, Alyssa agreed and from that moment on, she was hooked on weddings! When Ryan & I met, I pulled Ryan into the wedding world, and we both enjoyed it so much, we felt called to pursue wedding photography as a husband and wife team. It's more than just the wedding itself, it's the marriage of our couples that drive and motivate us. We highly prioritize and emphasize the relationship we have not only with our couples, but with each other and their own marriage!

Ryan & Alyssa Photography | Wedding Photographer in Greenville, SC | Bespoken Weddings & Events

What is the best piece of advice you can give couples for planning their wedding? Trust your vendors!!! Surrounding yourself with a talented team of vendors that both of you love and trust will not only enhance your wedding experience, but will also allow you to enjoy more of your day! You won't have to worry or stress about your vendors if you trust them to do what you've hired them to do!

Ryan & Alyssa Photography | Wedding Photographer in Greenville, SC | Bespoken Weddings & Events

What is your favorite wedding trend right now? Can we have two? We LOVE seeing a more neutral color palette (hello greys and ivories!), with a pop of color and a hint of a metallic! We feel it further allows couples to personalize their day with a neutral/clean palette! We also love the unplugged wedding ceremonies, where our couples' friends and family can be in the moment, enjoy the details, and celebrate their love instead of behind devices and miss much of what actually happens!

Share your most memorable wedding moment. Oh man. We are a part of so many incredible weddings, it's hard to single out just one! But we can think of one wedding that will always be one of our favorites, for an unexpected reason. It rained. We had a rainy 2017 May, and for our one couple, rain was forecasted during their outdoor ceremony downtown at the Wyche. Our bride waited until the last minute to call where we'd do the ceremony, and we encouraged her to go with her original vision, rain or no rain. It wasn't currently raining, so she made the call. As soon as the bridesmaids started walking down the aisle, it started pouring. But you would never know looking at the images - their families, their friends BEAMED the entire time. And the bride laughed contagiously as she came down the aisle on her dad's arm. Those smiles were the sunshine during that ceremony, and that made it the most memorable day. As soon as the officiant pronounced them husband and wife, the sun exploded behind them, breaking through the heavy clouds and it was the most perfect moment - you could feel the joy! Those are still some of our favorite images!

Where do you find your inspiration? Through traveling! We so enjoyed exploring new places together, expanding our cultural tastes, immersing ourselves with the locals, and reveling in the architecture and history, regardless of where we go!

Ryan & Alyssa Photography | Wedding Photographer in Greenville, SC | Bespoken Weddings & Events

What do you love most about what you do? That we get to do this together. As a husband and wife duo, we're able to relate to our couples in ways most vendors can't; we have the unique opportunity to form relationships and develop friendships with each and every one of our couples. That's what gets us out of bed every morning. We love that we get to impact marriages, impact other couples, and create this legacy for future generations, together!

What is your favorite wedding cake flavor? Chocolate! You'll no doubt find Alyssa eyeing the cake to see if our couples picked a chocolate layer!

What is your favorite way to spend a day off? Workouts then coffee in the morning! Maybe some donuts for good measure. Then, we'll head off to the golf course where Ryan will go to town on 18 holes, with Alyssa reading in the golf cart (and cheering at all the appropriate moments!). Afterwards, we'll be out walking together with Mia, grab dinner, and Alyssa will inevitably convince Ryan to go check out the latest finds at TJ Maxx.

Ryan & Alyssa Photography | Wedding Photographer in Greenville, SC | Bespoken Weddings & Events

What is your biggest guilty pleasure? Cook Out milkshakes. We're so sorry, but we can't help it!!! We even have our pup, Mia, addicted to milkshakes too!

What is your favorite Instagram account to follow? @joannagaines! We love all things HGTV and Fixer Upper! Fellow addicts unite :-)

Instagram:  @ryanandalyssaphotography

Facebook: Ryan and Alyssa Photography

Be sure to say hello to them, check them out online, and if you're in need of a photographer...they should definitely be on your list of ones to call!

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