Wedding Rehearsal 101

More than likely, your Rehearsal is scheduled the day or evening before the wedding day, and it takes anywhere from 1-1.5 hours depending on the complexity of logistics and the size of your wedding party. Today's guide will give you a little info on what to expect during your Rehearsal.

Wedding Rehearsal 101

Who Attends?

  • The Bride
  • The Groom
  • The Officiant
  • The Wedding Party
  • The Bride's Parents
  • The Groom's Parents
  • Flower Girls and their parents
  • Ring Bearers and their parents
  • Readers
  • Singers
  • Musicians
  • Anyone else with an honorary role that needs practice
  • The Wedding Planner or Coordinator

What should you wear?

In a church:  Dress in a manner that respects the venue. Generally this means no shorts, jeans, or low-cut shirts.

In a secular location:  It can be more casual if you'd like. If your Rehearsal Dinner follows immediately after, you will want to wear your dinner clothes to the Rehearsal.

What happens?

  • Ushers or Groomsmen are given instructions on the seating order, what to do with pew cards. They need to practice escorting guests because they are the first people anyone will see and they need to be confident when doing so.
  • If an aisle runner is being used, the groomsmen or ushers will practice rolling it out because this occurs after the Mother of the Bride is seated.
  • The Processional is established, and the pace and spacing is practiced with timing and music.
  • Bridesmaids pretend they are holding their bouquets, and the Flower Girl pretends she is tossing petals (if that's her job).
  • Everyone lines up at the altar, chuppah, chancel, or dias, and any adjustments that need to be made are completed so that the group looks appropriately spaced.
  • The Officiant reviews the Order of Service and shows the Maid of Honor when to take the Bride's bouquet and how to discretely adjust her train. The Officiant also tells the Best Man when to hand over the rings. 
  • The Bride & Groom do not practice saying their responses or vows.
  • The Recessional is practiced.
  • Any last minute instructions or announcements are given (i.e., reminders to turn off cell phones, reviewing times of arrival for the wedding day and the wedding day schedule in general, confirming who is responsible for special assignments such as being a point-person, delivering any corsages or boutonnieres for special guests, or tending to reserved seating).

After the Rehearsal, the wedding party and families either go to the Rehearsal Dinner, freshen up, or celebrate!

Wedding Rehearsal 101