Wedding Thank You Card Tips

Wedding Thank You Card Tips & Etiquette | Bespoken Weddings & Events

It is so important to express gratitude for every gift you're given, whether it's a tangible item, an event in your honor, or the gift of time or talent from someone. The other important part of expressing gratitude is being prompt with your thank you. And in this day and age, writing a personal, handwritten thank you card is still the gold standard.

Writing your thank you notes for your wedding gifts can be a daunting task. Ideally, you should write a thank you note and send it pretty much immediately after receiving it, but when it comes to your wedding gifts, you have a two-week buffer. But if you can help it, don't wait.

Try to write a small batch of Thank You notes each day (3-5 per day) so that you don't fall behind. That's much easier to handle instead of thinking about writing hundreds at a time.

And split the notes! One person doesn't need to be writing all of the thank you cards. Split them between the two of you; share the love :) Maybe you can write the notes to your family, and he can write the notes to his family.

Make sure your note expresses gratitude from both of you. You can choose to sign it individually, or you can both sign each note. It's really up to you.

Who should you thank?

  • Everyone who gives you a wedding present

  • Everyone who gives you money

  • Your bridesmaids

  • Your groomsmen

  • Everyone who hosts a shower or party for you

  • Everyone who lets guests stay in their homes

  • Everyone who does acts of kindness for you (accepts delivery of your gifts when you're not home, the second cousin who supervises guest parking, etc.)

  • All of your suppliers and vendors

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