What To Do Once You're Engaged

We are seeing so many beautiful rings and joyful engagement photos pop up on our Instagram feed right now, and it makes us so excited for each of you! This is such an exciting time, and one that should be filled with a lot of love and good memories. Many times when we talk with brides for the first time or two, we talk to them about some of the first things they should do once they are engaged. And lucky for you, we are sharing those things with you today!

  1. Celebrate and savor this time together. Take some time to breathe and relish in the fact that you are going to marry the love of your life SO SOON. Go on a celebratory date together. Have some fun, and rest in this moment.
  2. Share the news. We highly recommend sharing the news with your closest family and friends in person first. If you are unable to share in person due to distance, then at least get on FaceTime or Skype. Once you've shared with those who matter most, then you can go ahead and post it on social media, if you'd like. But let people know...they're going to be excited for you.
  3. Get your ring insured. He likely spent a good deal of money on your ring, and since you're planning on wearing it for the rest of your life...you want to get it insured in case something happens to it. Check with your homeowner's or renter's policy first; most of them will insure it for you.
  4. Set a budget. Before you start doing any sort of planning, you need to sit down with those who are going to be contributing to your budget and have a candid conversation about what the overall wedding budget is going to look like. Then, you need to decide who is going to make the final decisions. Sometimes mom and dad are paying for it, but allowing you to make all the decisions. And other times they want to make the final decisions. Go ahead and have this conversation now so expectations are set. You can read more tips on wedding budget here. (If you need help creating a budget, you can always sign up for our VIP community and receive our complimentary Budget Guide as a Thank You!) 
  5. Draft a Guest List. Once you have a budget set, you need to talk to your parents and families about a guest count number. The rest of your wedding will depend upon how many people attend your wedding. The more you invite, the more it's going to cost. If you need help creating your Guest List, click here!
  6. Discuss the Big Vision. Go ahead and discuss the overall vision you have for your wedding. What kind of venue would you prefer? What time of year? What kind of food? Color palette? DJ or Band? What type of bar? What atmosphere do you want to create? And my favorite question: What do you want your guests to say about your wedding when they walk away at the end of the night? Then decide what your 3 top priorities are. Those are the 3 areas you want to make sure you're willing to spend more on if need be.
  7. Hire a Wedding Planner. Read why hiring a wedding planner is worth it.
  8. Set a Date/Choose a Venue. We put these two together because it really depends on which one is more important to you. If the date is inflexible, then go ahead and set a date in stone and start searching for a venue that is available on that date. If the date is flexible, then go ahead and start visiting the venues you are most interested in, see when they are available, and then choose a date based on the venue's availability.
  9. Register. People are going to start asking you where you are registered because they're going to want to buy you something. Go ahead and at least start your registry. And if you need a comprehensive guide (with free download), click here. There's an entire blog series that is all linked on that one page to guide you!
  10. Create a wedding website. There's some info and resources for you here about how to do this, but if you need help, this is one of our A La Carte services we offer, so feel free to reach out to us!

There you go! A step-by-step guide of things to do first! If you decide you need help, that's what we're here for :)

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