Why You Should Do a First Look

One of the things we always ask our wedding clients is whether or not they plan on doing a First Look before their ceremony. Most of the time, they ask what a First Look is and whether or not we think they should do one. Unless the couple is super traditional, we usually recommend a First Look...and today we are sharing why.

But first...what is a First Look?

A First Look is a special moment between the Bride and Groom when the two can see each other before the wedding. Typically, the Groom is positioned with his back to the Bride, overlooking a field, mountains, lake, etc. Then the Bride approaches him, tapping him on the shoulder for him to turn around, and the photographer(s) will capture their facial expressions and emotions upon seeing each other for the first time. First Looks are becoming more and more popular, and we can certainly see why.

Should we do a First Look?

Most of the time, we're going to suggest, "Yes, do a First Look." Here's why:

  1. It'll ease the pressure and calm your nerves. We can pull every trick in the book to calm you down, but you're still going to be excited/anxious/nervous before walking down the aisle. Having a bunch of people watch you as you walk down the aisle can be overwhelming. In the midst of all of those emotions, you may not be able to fully enjoy the moment. By doing a First Look, you'll see each other before getting married, and 9 times out of 10, this eases the pressure. You'll feel lighter, and you'll know that you're there for each other. 
  2. It's a special, private moment for the two of you. Wedding days are SO busy and go by SO quickly. Typically, you'll hardly get time to spend alone with each other. A First Look gives you the opportunity to spend some quiet time alone with just the two of you without everyone else vying for your attention. (If you're interested in other ways to make sure you enjoy time alone, be sure to read this article).
  3. It gives you more time for photos and video. More than likely, your photographer and videographer are going to love the fact that you are choosing to do a First Look because it opens up so much more time for other photo/video ops. You'll be able to get more photos of the entire Wedding Party, families, and each other. Especially each other. These photos you'll be able to get of just each other will give you even more beautiful, intimate photos to enjoy forever.
  4. You'll be able to enjoy Cocktail Hour. By taking care of the majority of the photos before the wedding, you won't have as many to take after ceremony, which means you can join the rest of your guests for Cocktail Hour. 

What are everyone's thoughts on a First Look? Yes or No?