The Cliffs at Glassy Chapel and The Commerce Club | Landrum, SC and Greenville, SC

Christina & Chris


In their own words:

"Shannon was a friend through the whole wedding planning process and kept me calm... even from day 1!"


Christina and Chris contacted us about a year and a half before their wedding. They needed a wedding planner to help guide them through the entire planning process for their Greenville, SC wedding at The Cliffs at Glassy Chapel and The Commerce Club. They were smart about it, too. They are already super busy people with busy lives and busy careers (Christina is a doctor, and Chris is an engineer), and they knew with some big life changes coming up, they were going to have to press "pause" on wedding plans for a few months while they focused on some pretty big life moments.

So they hired Bespoken early and chose our Event Management & Design Package. We got the ball rolling early by hiring all of their vendors first. Once all of the vendors and major checklist items were done, we halted all plans for a few months while they took major exams and boards, and planned for a move to Virginia ( sidenote: Want to see their beautiful Virginia engagement shoot with Ryan & Alyssa Photography? Click here!). Because we got started early, Christina and Chris were able to focus on these big life changes without worrying that they weren't going to be able to hire their dream wedding vendors (and, boy, was it a dream team!).

Once the move was over and the exams and boards completed, Christina and I met up for happy hour drinks during one of her quick trips to Greenville. It was fun getting to hear about all of the things going on in their life, while carefully switching gears to slowly ease back into wedding planning. We picked up where we left off, and kept working through the checklist and to-dos. We talked more and became more like friends as I helped guide her through all-things-wedding, from etiquette-related questions to a slew of how-to-best-tackle certain tasks. 

When the big day came nearer and nearer, our team's excitement for their wedding grew. Christina and Chris' wedding was beautiful. It was timelessly classic. It was full of stylish loved ones wearing black-tie attire. The weather was perfect. The band was incredible (let's not forget about their iconic 90s-R&B-medley that rocked the reception). The evening ending perfectly with the two newlyweds heading off on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Africa.