Bespoken Emily Carter.png

Emily Carter

Wedding Coordinator & Event Producer

Emily joined the Bespoken Team originally as a Shadow in Spring 2017, and after her first full year with Bespoken, it was clear how well she fit with our team and our core values. Emily continued on as an Assistant Coordinator. She has continually grown and learned the Bespoken way of planning weddings and events, so she recently officially joined our team as a Wedding Coordinator and Event Producer. She will make sure the venue is perfectly set before any guest enters. She will answer any questions about the timeline. And she’s recently started accepting her own couples for help coordinating their wedding day. We are excited for Emily to continue to play an integral role in our team!                             

Emily's Favorites:

Favorite Flower:  Definitely peonies!

Dream Wedding Location:  a beautiful, small chapel at the top of a mountain (like the one in Mama Mia...minus the donkey ride...)

Favorite Holiday:  Christmas because I get to spend time with my family

Favorite Drink:  Caramel Macchiato

Favorite place to shop:  Fiore

Favorite moment of a wedding day:  Getting to see the bride and her dad right before they walk down the aisle, and then watching the groom's reaction as they are walking towards him.

Favorite vacation spot:  Any country I've never been to! Or any beach is good!