Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between a planner, A designer, and A coordinator?

A Planner handles everything from setting up the budget to vendor referrals to choosing menus to the day-of details and logistics. Some Planners include design and/or styling services to help with all of the creative details of your big day. 

A Designer handles those creative details, but does not handle the logistics. The design aspects of your wedding include the color palette and/or theme, stationery, layouts, florals, rentals, specialty rentals, and day-of details. The Designer is solely interested in making sure your wedding aesthetic is cohesive, stylish, and beautiful.

A Coordinator is more focused on the logistics of your wedding or event. He or she will usually become involved closer to the event day, and will confirm vendors, create a timeline, and make sure everything you've planned is executed beautifully.

Planning packages are for the client who needs help with all, or most, aspects of the wedding or event. For the Full and Partial Planning Packages, typically Bespoken becomes involved at or near the beginning of the planning process. The Planner is the primary contact between the vendors and the client. With our full-planning package, the Lead Planner will also serve as the Designer to work collaboratively with the vendor team and the couple to create a cohesive design and flawless event from beginning to end.

The Coordination package is for the client who knows what she wants and has the time and ability to plan her own event, but she knows she should have someone come in and execute the day-of her event so she can sit back and enjoy it as if she were a guest.  For the Coordination Package, typically Bespoken becomes involved about three months out from the event day. We like to check in with our clients at this point to see what has been completed and what is left to complete. We like to go over the details and see what may have been missed so you have time to complete it before it gets too close to the big day. About a month before your event, we start communicating and coordinating with your vendors to put together a timeline so that everything is executed seamlessly.

When do we start working together?

If you choose the Full or Partial-Service Planning Packages, we start working together as soon as you sign the contract and pay the retainer fee. If you choose the Event Management & Execution Planning Package, you may email us at anytime for etiquette advice, but we will really start working together at least 60 days prior to your wedding day.

What is the average budget of a Bespoken client?

It honestly depends on a variety of things (venue, guest count, design and decor details, catering style, stationery, etc.), but typically a Bespoken client's budget is anywhere between $350-$1,000 per guest. We do, however, work with all budgets, guest list sizes, and needs. Plan on spending about 10% of your budget on your Planner.

Why do I need to hire a wedding or Event planner?

Your Wedding or Event Planner is a huge investment. When you invest in a full-time Planner, you are essentially insuring all aspects of your event. They'll connect you with the best of the best vendors in the area. They'll make sure no detail goes unnoticed. They'll handle all of the logistics so you don't have to. They'll also make sure you have more free time to do what matters most to you. In the long run, you'll end up saving yourself a ton of time and, in some cases, you'll even save money.

Do you travel?

Absolutely! Bespoken is available for weddings and events anywhere! We have (so far) planned weddings in Atlanta, Nashville, Raleigh, Charleston, and the Upstate of South Carolina. We are always looking forward to new destinations for our next event! Our online planning suite of tools (included in all packages) makes planning your wedding or event seamless.

We are planning from out of town...will you still work with us?

Yes! In fact, many Bespoken clients do not live in South Carolina. We are used to working with couples and clients who live far away. We are your primary contact and liaison between you and vendors, and we incorporate technology to help us get through the planning process (email, text messages, FaceTime/Skype, and our online planning suite of tools).

What is your payment policy?

We accept cash, check, credit cards, or bank transfers. Each contract or agreement includes a specific payment schedule. A 50% non-refundable retainer is due upon booking, within 7 days of our initial consultation.

This actually sounds like a lot of fun! are you hiring?

We will always post any openings on our blog and social media accounts, so stay on the lookout! All of our employees begin as an Event Day Shadow. We do not hire interns, but we do hire Event Day Shadows through our Shadow Program. This program opens at various times throughout the year depending on our availability and our wedding and events season. You can read more about our Shadow Program here

Can I submit my ideas, editorials, or other blog content to you?

Due to a recent influx of requests to feature content on our blog, we now have a Submissions page. Please visit that page for more info.