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Hire a Wedding Planner South Carolina

You've probably spent hours combing through wedding websites and Pinterest, subscribing to every wedding blog, and flipping through countless wedding magazines ...all while secretly praying someone would just handle it for you, or at least come along beside you and tell you what you need to know and do so you don't have to research, right? Or maybe you haven't done any of those things, but you don't want to get sucked into the trap, so you're just looking for someone to help with #allthethings?

Maybe you're ready to throw your hands up in the air & elope.

But what if you could have help?

What if someone could help you free up some of your time? 

What if someone could guide you through the next few months as you plan your wedding?

What if someone could be your sounding board for all of the ideas that are floating in your head?

What if someone could help you design the wedding of your dreams?

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We offer a variety of exceptional services to ensure that your wedding or event is flawless. We offer so much to our clients and truly collaborate and build relationships with them. Because of this, we focus on a limited number of clients each year to ensure the highest level of attention. While we tend to focus on weddings, we also plan and design other events, so any of our packages may be tailored to you if you are looking for assistance with a social event other than a wedding. We promise to make your planning process as streamlined and stress-free as possible so you can focus on what matters most in your life.

Currently booking limited 2019 weddings and events.

Ways We Can Work Together



Partner with us to plan and design every aspect of your wedding, from start to finish! This is the biggest, most comprehensive package we offer.



Don't need help with every single thing? Then our Custom Planning Package may be best for you!



Planning from afar and worried about not having the right person there when you need her most?



Planning more than just a wedding? Or just need help planning a rehearsal dinner or baby shower?