A Month of Getting Healthy Together: Fitness

Workout Together

So last week, I introduced a challenge to you to grab your fiance (or husband) and get healthy together during the month of April. Have you started? Hopefully you have, but if you haven't started, today's post will give you several ideas on getting in shape together.

Make it a goal to go on an after-dinner walk 3-4 times a week. The days are longer, so why not eat dinner (healthy ideas coming for ya next week!), quickly clean the kitchen, and then go on a 30-45 minute walk together? It will not only encourage you to move rather than laying around on the couch, but it'll also give you guys some time to talk about your day.

Join a local gym. Find a good, local gym in your area. If you like going to classes, make sure to join one that has a variety of classes like spinning, yoga, bootcamp, kickboxing, etc. If you're into CrossFit, find a local CrossFit center. Having access to a gym is huge. You can do workouts together, whether on the cardio machines, lifting weights, or taking a class. If joining a gym isn't in the budget...

Workout together. There are plenty of couple's workouts you can do together. Just search "couples workouts" for some ideas. Or check out some of these:

Stay tuned for next week...healthy, clean cooking!

Top Image Credit:  The Fremont Health Club